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Motorcyce Mechanics Institute (MMI)-Orlando, FL

Harley Davidson Technical Program (825 hours of training) & BMW Motorrad Program (300 hours of training)



  • Service Procedures

  • Electrical Diagnostics

  • Chassis Service

  • Engine, Transmission, & Final Drive Systems

  • Machine Shop

  • Vehicle Maintenance




I worked as a Harley Davidson and BMW technician at the dealership in Colorado Springs, Colorado. While working for the dealership I was cross trained in other brands such as Ducati, KTM, Can-Am, and Triumph


A Little About Me


As a kid I was always intrigued with motorcycles especially motocross, my father bought me my first dirt bike when I was ten years old. My life immediately changed from there. All my time was spent making jumps and tinkering with my new motorcycle always trying to figure out exactly what made those wheels turn. Curiosity would usually get the best of me and the next thing I new I had half the bike torn apart in the garage. I soon started racing which sparked another interest, that being how can I make my motorcycle faster then everybody elses. when I turned sixteen with some help I purchased my first Harley Davidson "XL1200N" which was much more complicated compared to my relatively simple motocross bike. I stared for hours at this complexity of new unfamiliar gadgets and parts that comprised this beast. I knew right then and there what my passion was and what I wanted to do. It was clear to me that I loved working on and understanding these machines just as much as I did riding them.


College came and I enrolled with MMI In Orlando florida where I spent just over two years straight learning about what made Harleys and Germany's BMW's tick. Graduating was just the beginning as it only opened the door to many opportunities which were taken in stride, I didn't want to stop at just working on motorcycles so I experimented and cross trained in performancing them as well which is a true passion. Countless hours were spent in the dealerships dyno room figuring out how to make a motorcycle very fast yet extremely reliable. long story short with the help of my father who is also a certified motorcycle technician Forever Two Wheels Motorsports is now up and running to offer services to your motorcycle or ATV reguardless of make, model, or year.


We can fix what ails your motorcycle, add those accessories you've always wanted, or my personal favorite make your motorcycle into the road ripping machine all your friends will be jealous of.


and reliability!

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  • Review And Perfprmance Testing

  • BMW Certified Motorcycle Technician

  • Buell/Powertrain/EMS

  • Dynojet Operations Training

  • Suspension & Chassis Systems

  • Engine Trouble Shooting & Noise Diagnosis

  • Service Department Operations